The Best Seasonings for BBQ Meat

The Best Seasonings for BBQ Meat

It’s FINALLY warm enough for BBQ Week! With the insane snowy, rainy, snowy (again) and rather thundery ’summer’ we have been having, I've personally waited anxiously at the edge of my seat for BBQ week, wondering whether it would be cancelled altogether. But, it's arrived and with good timing!

Now I don’t know about anyone else but on my street, it seems the neighbours are always competing! The BBQ has become a rather competitive lunching event from ‘who has the most guests’ to ‘who has cooked the most amount of food’ even down to ‘who has the biggest BBQ’.

However fear not my friends! I'm going to share with you a secret that will guarantee to put you on the envious edge with your friends and neighbours alike. Because the biggest achievement for any BBQ is the TASTE. Below is a list of the best seasonings for BBQ Week and their meaty matches!


Chipotle is a great and classic choice for chicken. With flavours of paprika, garlic, black pepper and chipotle chilli to name but a few, these ingredients match perfectly with chicken and create a caramelised flavouring that will help sweeten your meat and keep it moist. Try using chicken thighs for extra flavour and tenderness. Moisture is a winner for any chicken dinner.

Seasoning for BBQ Meat | The LiveLean Blog


I'm a huge fan of lamb when its seasoned and cooked correctly. Lamb doesn’t require anything fancy and in fact works best with a herb or spice mix that compliments rather than transforms its flavours. Try using some dried herbs with some garlic for your lamb. Oregano, basil and fennel are all great choices.


I love a bit of pork from time to time! A good quality cut is key for a good BBQ and for a healthier choice, I’d recommended a pork loin. My secret and unique mix of spices here would be flavours of dried orange peel, cinnamon, star anise, coriander and garlic. A professional twist on the classic ‘oriental’ style flavours.


The big daddy in the BBQ game and the easiest to overcook, under cook and miss-flavour! This is where your guests will shout out 30 different preferences, so I’d always recommend, for best results, to cook your meat medium and then those that need a little extra can be catered for. For a natural flavour I would recommend using the classic salt and pepper. A good cut of meat with some pink Himalayan salt and cracked black pepper works wonders! If you want something that packs a serious punch then my absolute favourite BBQ rub for Beef is black pepper, coconut sugar, onion powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, chilli flakes and a small amount of cayenne pepper.

The Best Seasonings for BBQ Meat | The LiveLean Blog

Time to go and show BBQ week who’s boss. Go get ‘em!

Written by Oliver Clarke

Ollie is a an Ex-Head Chef, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and owner of Type One Fitness. He is a huge foodie and brings some exciting ideas, healthy recipes and the latest research on health and wellness.

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