Buy your favourite Paleo meats online with LiveLean!

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Buy your favourite Paleo meats online with LiveLean!

LiveLean now offers you a fantastic range of Paleo-friendly products to help you keep on track with eating the best quality free range and grass fed meats. From our huge 42oz Tomahawk steak to our bone marrow biscuits, we have a fantastic selection of Paleo meats and snacks to keep you well fed and maximise your nutrition.

All of our Paleo meats are reared to the highest welfare standards and fed a natural natural diet; all animals being allowed to roam free in the Lancashire countryside.


We don't use any herbicides or pesticides on the ground - the cows and sheep simply graze the luscious grass in the open fields. The chickens and pigs are free to roam and forage a natural diet. All of this makes for the most delicious and tasty meats as well them being densely packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins.


Benefits of Paleo Eating and Grass Fed meats


The Paleo diet is often referred to as the 'caveman' diet in that it advises returning to eating food in the most natural way, as our ancestors did. This means eating meats which have been reared on a natural and grass fed diet so that the body can take the most amounts of healthy nutrients from the food and thus make you more energised, leaner and sharper.


It may seem strange to some but Paleo foods tend to have a higher fat content as animal fats are encouraged - they provide a fantastic form of energy as well as helping brain function. These are the so-called 'healthy fats' that we sometimes hear about.


Looking back to our ancestors, and how animals feed in the wild, the liver, heart and kidneys were/are the prized meats. They are rich in iron and densely packed full of other nutrients which keeps the body fuelled and energised for longer. Nowadays they are seen by many as the off-cuts or 'offal'. The Paleo diet suggests incorporating these foods into your diet as our bodies crave such densely packed nutrients to avoid unnecessary eating throughout the day. Try having a high fat, zero sugar breakfast and see how long you stay full for.


Grass fed meats are more densely packed with these healthy fats and nutrients than grain fed meats. This, in turn, means our bodies take more from the food we are consuming - again, it goes back to maximising the health benefits of everything we are eating.


Our Paleo Meats 


We have a tremendous range of Paleo meats which you can buy online and have delivered fresh to your door. Our Paleo meats are sourced locally to our butchery and prepared fresh to order. We deliver in temperature controlled boxes to your door on the day that you select.

Some of our favourite cuts are as follows:

- Bone Marrow Biscuits (perfect for stocks and sauces)

- Grass Fed T-Bone Steak

- Free Range Diced Chicken Thigh

- Chicken Feet (don't ask, just give it a go)


We also offer a number of Paleo snacks and will be looking at adding to our products over the coming months.

If you have any questions about our Paleo range of meats or the process of ordering your meat and food online, please drop us a message on and our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to assist you.

Remember - we now offer Buy Now, Pay Later so you can receive your delicious LiveLean goodies and not pay for up to 14 days (no interest!)


To see our complete Paleo range, please click the following link  ---->>>

Our Promise

We take pride in the products we source and the service we offer. We strive to ensure that you receive the following:

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