Are You Eating Buckwheat?

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Are You Eating Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is great: along with being really healthy, it is easy to prepare, tasty and inexpensive.

Is it a Grain?

Buckwheat is not a grain. The bit we eat is actually the seed of a plant which has close links to rhubarb and sorrel.

Yes – it is 100% Gluten Free

It is neither a grain nor a wheat so it is Gluten-Free and perfect for those with celiac disease or other such intolerances.

What are the Health Benefits?

  1. It is rich in manganese, magnesium, copper and B vitamins.
  2. Shown to lower blood sugar levels which helps with weight loss and cravings
  3. Strengthens the small blood vessels so good for the old ticker
  4. Packed full of antioxidants – cancer fighting!


Errrrr… What do I do with it??

 Don’t worry, it is really easy to cook and makes a great alternative to rice or cous cous…

Simply rinse and drain the Buckwheat. Add to a pan of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 18-20 minutes until a rice-like consistency. Try adding a knob of grass-fed butter and some seasoning (try sprinkling our Bohns Rubs in there too!)

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