5 Top Tips for Meal Preparation

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5 Top Tips for Meal Preparation

5 Top Tips for Meal Preparation

When you are trying to keep lean, meal preparation is key. Whether it's meals on the go, or you just want something quick. As they say-failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So here are 5 top tips on how to prep your meals like a boss.

Plan your meals preparation in advance

It's always important to plan your meals in advance! Not only will you stick to your diet so much better but you will be able to shop smart and save money too. Planning meals for food prep is such a simple and easy thing to do and it means that you will always have a lean, healthy meal ready and waiting for when that hunger kicks.


Keep it simple

When you're just starting out with meal preparation, it's best to keep things simple and easy so that you can manage making 3-4 separate meals at once. We always recommend making a chart or a list where you can pick one protein rich staple, one carbohydrate and 1-2 vegetables or a salad. That way you can switch it up whilst still keeping things very basic.


Proteins Carbohydrates Vegetables/ Salad/ Legumes
Chicken Breast Pesto Pasta Lettuce/Onion/Tomato
Beef Strips Flavoured Rice Green Beans/ Peas
Meatballs x3 Couscous Baby Corn/ Asparagus Tips

Tupperware and sealable bags

If you're about to prepare your food, you need to have appropriate storage for all you hard work. We really recommend having good quality plastic tubs that you can easily transport. You can get them relatively cheap at local bargain stores. These are better for your fresh meals to refrigerate because they will only be taking up storage room short term.

We always recommend sealable plastic bags for freezing anything. Wether it for separating your meat box into portions or storing your leftovers from the family dinner you made earlier in the evening. The reason these are so great is because they take up such a small amount of room in your freezer. You just need to put your food in, lie it flat and once it's frozen you have your own food file system!

 meal preparation - Live Lean 3

Don't over do it

Prepare your meals every 3-4 days if you are making fresh food other wise you will end up with a lot of waste. If you are freezing your meals, make sure you freeze them in single portion sizes. Not only will they defrost faster but you will avoid any waste food. You can store your freezer food for up to two months so it's always worth cooking in batches and freezing 1 or 2 portions for those lazy days when you want hearty food without the hassle.

Ideas for Meal Preparation

Prepping isn't just making packed lunches. Prepping could be any meal of the day- that's the beauty of it. There's some really great recipes for overnight oats that are the perfect way to start your mornings. You can even go as far as to separately bag different mixtures of fruit to pop in the freezer for whenever you fancy a smoothie. The possibilities for meal prepration  are limitless as long as you know how. It seems so tedious and boring but once you know how you will never look back!

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